At the beginning of 2019, Benito Roggio e Hijos S.A. took a great leap forward in its Integrity Program by subscribing and adhering (through minute No. 6002 of the Board of Directors’ Meeting dated January 16, 2019) to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Policy, and the Protocol for Relations with the Public Administration, implemented by its parent company, CLISA – COMPAÑÍA LATINOAMERICANA DE INFRAESTRUCTURA & SERVICIOS S.A. that replaced those previously in force.

The Program, composed of these three documents, establishes a reference framework for projecting an integral behavior, defines the ethical conducts of collaborators in all levels of the organization—without exception—and states the guidelines and standards regarding integrity and transparency to which we must adhere in our operations.

The implementation of this Integrity Program, designed to combat corruption and bribery, reflects the new requirements of national laws and regulations that apply to our operations, and is compatible with the standards of each of the countries in which we execute projects.

In this way, the company deepens and confirms its commitment to ethical business conduct, putting into practice essential values of respect, compliance, honesty and integrity.