Why is Digital and Cognitive Transformation important?


Decisions are made 10 times faster.

Use Your Information

More than 80% of the organization’s data is not used. You can be one step ahead.

Fast Implementation

At UNX Digital we accompany you and share the progress of your project through agile methodologies.

What is UNX Digital?

UNX Digital, the technological trend at your fingertips.
In recent years, a number of new technologies and market trends have emerged, which are revolutionizing technology. They include, for example: hybrid applications, cloud computing and software as a service, gamification, data analysis, artificial intelligence, user experiences, big data, among others.

At UNX Digital and Cognitive Transformations, we have as our genesis the concept of offering innovation in design and engineering, in order to take advantage of the potential of emerging technologies and meet the needs of our clients.


Why choose UNX Digital?

For more than 30 years, Grupo Prominente, as a technology holding company, took it upon itself to invest and adapt to the trends of the technology market, exceedingly meeting needs and creating spaces capable of applying technology to improve businesses.

UNX Digital was born as its most recent business unit, specialized 100% in having experts in emerging technologies as well as a strategic knowledge of how to understand your business and apply technology to meet your needs.

The combination of Grupo Prominente’s experience thanks to its history and UNX Digital’s expert talent is our guarantee to understand, solve and transform the corporate needs of your business.


How does UNX support you?

By means of agile methodologies and modern product management,
we guarantee that you will obtain personalized, optimal and effective solutions.

Business Process Automation

We create, manage and analyze your end-to-end business processes to allow you to attain operational excellence and to provide all stakeholders with the tools and process insights they need to make better decisions every day.

Process automation and connectivity

Add the power of business process management, robotic process automation, and connectivity as you synchronize your processes with your trusted systems to move rapidly towards operational excellence.

Software Engineering

Our solutions are prepared to obtain the best results across multiple channels and devices, regardless of the platforms involved, and offering the same experience in a smooth way.

We are able to create proper architectural foundations to drive your strategies in order to achieve a consistent client experience to meet all your needs.

API Management

Focus on the API to grow your digital business and client experiences seamlessly. We also provide new architectural styles that structure an application as a collection of free docking services, organized around business capabilities.

Product Acceleration

We use agile and modern product management methodologies in order to ensure products solve key problems for the right users and add business value.

Product Coach

Based on the management of products that help companies set up product development practices truly centered on people.

Management Discovery

We will create the necessary connection between the initial product reports and the possible implementation plans.

Our Product Owners help companies discover the problems of the main users, by implementing good product development practices and helping the client define market launch strategies.

Technical Discovery

Based on agile methodologies with sprint delivery defined in the Discovery, we will complement the knowledge about the product of product owners committed to good practices and the expertise of engineers and designers to create the epic and user stories that are necessary to achieve the best product.





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