Complaint management platform

Complaint management platform


The Centro de Atención al Pasajero de la Línea Urquiza (Urquiza Line Passenger Attention Center), in Buenos Aires, needed a solution that would allow it to streamline the internal management of complaints and suggestions and make it more efficient, in order to improve the train service.


  • Reduction in report generation times.
  • Reduction in the administrative burden and manual work.
  • Traceability and continued control of events.
  • Improved incident management process.
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs achieved through the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.


Pectra BPM Savia.
Microsoft Azure.

Client data

  • Average number of daily passengers (year 2019): +95,000.
  • Average daily number of dispatches to services (trains) (year 2019): +180.
  • Punctuality rates: 88.19%.
  • Claims handled each month: +800.