Comprehensive management of the IT area

Comprehensive management of the IT area


Since 1996, our Client has trusted Prominente for the complete outsourcing of its IT Management, setting three main goals:

  • Maintaining the correct operation of the company's hardware, software, technological systems and services; and providing high-level support for all of the above, in order to ensure optimal operational performance.
  • Helping the company reduce or optimize its costs.
  • Helping improve productivity in different areas of the company.


Prominente provides comprehensive management services for the IT area, which includes:

  • Management.
  • Functional and process analysis.
  • Microinformatics service for end users and work stations.
  • Applications support and maintenance.
  • Administration and maintenance of infrastructure components (servers, databases, Backup/Restore, computer security, networks and communications equipment).
  • Advice on new technologies.
  • Analysis, development and implementation of new development projects for software solutions and infrastructure.


Windows Server.
SQL Server.
Pectra BPM Savia.
Business Process Automation.

Client data

  • Users: +8,250.
  • Applications: +40.
  • Databases: +350.
  • Servers: +140.